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Our Fire Suppression Solutions

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Residential water mist systems are versatile and highly efficient fire protection solutions.

The fire suppression company Fire Sprinklers


Fire sprinklers are one of the most effective ways to prevent fire from spreading.

The fire suppression company Fire extinguishers


Expert advice and supply of Fire Extinguishers for any requirement.

The fire suppression company FIRE HYDRANTS


Dry Risers and Fire Hydrants are an essential for buildings above 18 metres.

Specialists in both Residential Water Mist Systems and Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Fire Suppression Company are an established, specialist team for fire suppression systems.

Residential Water Mist Systems are becoming more widely used since new 2020 legislation now includes a much wider range of properties. Water Mist Systems use very fine water sprays, resulting in a mist to suppress a fire.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems use a stronger blast of water, providing a quick and efficient suppression solution to a fire. If a residential property, flat or apartment stands above 11 metres tall, it is a requirement that residential fire sprinklers systems are in place and fully operational.

For all of our systems, we offer a supply. installation and Service & Maintenance.

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