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Installation of your Water Mist System.

If you’re preparing to purchase a new water mist system, it’s important that your new system is planned and installed professionally and in accordance with British Standards.

A new water mist system installation requires various fire safety aspects to be considered.

Residential water mist system

As specialists in New Water Mist Systems, Installation and Service & Maintenance, we have the:

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • And process

All to ensure that the installation meets all requirements.

In addition, our team are trained in creative & aesthetically pleasing design solutions. Providing bespoke water mist nozzles to match your interior design.

We only provide and install the highest quality of water mist systems.

They are installed to be inconspicuous; leaving you with a well-blended, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Our team will prioritise a fast and reliable water mist system installation service.

Speak to the experts at The Fire Suppression Company to help keep your home fire safe.

The Water Mist Installation Process:

Water Mist System Installation begins by discussing your requirements.

Preparation and Installation.

We prepare a planned system layout after an effective yet detailed audit of the property.

Once the planning and preparations are complete, we begin the install on your new water mist system.

The installation process is swift and accommodating to your home space, being respectful of noise, home members and neighbours.

Residential Water Mist System Installation

Working Design and Safety, hand in hand.

Fire Safety is our highest priority during the installation, but we also take a pro-active approach to system design and discreetness.

Your new water mist system will be the best and safest option for fire safety in your home. We use the highest of industry-standard products throughout our entire system configurations.

Maintenance and Servicing

Once your new fire suppression system is installed, we will discuss a water mist service and maintenance schedule to keep your new system fully operational throughout the coming years.

If you’re interested in our water mist system installation, contact us now to get started. If you already have a water mist system installed and you need service and maintenance, you can fill out a Water Mist System Service and Maintenance Booking Form here.

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