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What is a Water Mist System?

Looking for extra protection from fires in your home?
Worried that your fire suppression systems may not be up to scratch?
Maybe you’ve recently renovated to an open plan layout and need to adhere to legislation?

The Fire Suppression Company specialists in providing Domestic and Residential Water Mist Systems, performing Installation and scheduling routine Service & Maintenance.

Help minimise the risk of fire spreading in your home today with a domestic and residential fire water mist system.

Water mist fire suppression is a modern option amongst traditional sprinkler systems.

Domestic and residential water mist systems are versatile and highly effective fire suppression solutions.

Our systems are designed to protect against a wide range of fire risks by responding to fires quickly and efficiently.

With any new project, we design bespoke water mist systems around your property layout and requirements.

They are specially designed to control the spread of fires with an automated system that activates when there are growing flames and fumes.

The Fire Suppression Company specialise in a creative approach to water mist fire suppression systems.

If your properties aesthetics are of concern, your new water mist nozzles can be coloured to provide a creative design approach; avoiding an out of place appearance in each room.

Water mist nozzle
Residential water mist system
Fire mist system unit

How Water Mist Systems Work

Our domestic and residential water mist systems are small, automatic suppressors that activate at 57 degrees.

They are designed to tackle all kinds of fires, including domestic appliances, electrical distribution and most materials.

Our water mist systems are made up of tiny water droplets that produce a mist output.

Unlike traditional sprinklers, like fire sprinklers, a mist sprinkler uses specialist mist nozzles that are powered by high pressure water mist systems. This delivery method fights fire effectively, but also provides reduced water damage in the property.

Amongst the wide range of options for fire protection systems, This is what makes a mist sprinkler an appropriate option for residential and domestic properties. All while maintaining a reliable fire safety option.

These small, atomised water droplets allow the water mist to suppress fires by:

  • Cooling both flames and gases through water evaporation

  • Reducing Oxygen levels through water evaporation

  • Reduces radiant heat through heat absorption by the water droplets themselves


The use of Water Mist Systems in the UK has expanded drastically over the last few years and this is largely due to its many advantages:

Easy Installation
Discreet Design
Rapid Response
Real-Time Alerts
Significant Savings
Used just 12L/min at 1Bar of pressure
No stored water needed
80% Less water than standard sprinklers
Low Maintenance

Water mist systems come in various sizes. Our spray heads have sizes ranging from 50 to 300µm. This means that we can cover a greater surface area whilst using less water, protecting both you and the environment.

If you’re interested in a new water mist system for your home, read more about our fire water mist installation service here.

If you already have a water mist system in place but require service and maintenance, see our water mist system service and maintenance here or you can fill out our Water Mist System Service and Maintenance Booking Form.

Want to speak to us first? Contact The Fire Suppression Company today so we can help you with your water mist system.

iCO Water Mist

iCO® Water Mist Fire Suppression System

iCO® manufactures industry-leading water mist fire suppression systems. iCO® patented products are manufactured in the UK and independently tested to the highest performance and safety standards.

iCO® offers a more effective, cost-efficient, sustainable and less damaging alternative to conventional fire sprinkler systems. The iCO® Patented Technology has been developed to disperse a fine, high-pressure water mist, ensuring that the water evaporates as quickly as possible: decelerating the combustion process much more effectively than a conventional fire sprinkler system.

These water mist fire suppression systems also meet all British standards for fire safety.

iCO® patented technology is manufactured in Great Britain and sold through a network of accredited distributors throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

The Fire Suppression Company is proud to be one of the iCO’s® accredited distributors of domestic and residential water mist systems.

Learn more about iCO®.

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