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Professional Residential Fire Sprinklers Installation With The Fire Suppression Company

When deciding whether to have residential fire sprinklers installed, you may be worried about potentially having your floors or walls affected as part of the installation.

Concerns also included worrying about pipework around your house, not looking as neat as it once was.

These things don’t need to be a worry when getting your residential fire sprinklers installed.

At The Fire Suppression Company, we’re professional experts who have years of experience in supplying, installing and maintaining residential fire sprinkler systems.

We make sure that when we install your fire sprinklers, the pipes are concealed and hidden away.

Your home’s aesthetics aren’t affected as a result.

If you’re interested in learning how we install your residential fire sprinklers, continue to learn about the process.

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The Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation Process

If you are considering having residential fire sprinklers installed but you’re curious about the process, The Fire Suppression Company will ensure you know everything there is to know about it.

Each Residential Fire Sprinkler System that we in install is unique to your property and requirements.

Most properties are very unique to others, so one size shoe doesn’t not fit them all.

However, the installation process itself is similar.

All of the pipework is concealed in the floors and the walls so you won’t have to worry about any new disturbances in your home.

They’re even available in a range of colours, so if you’re worried about the pipes sticking out, you can choose colours that will blend in with the rest of your home.

The heads of the sprinklers are connected by a series of pipes.

These link either to the water mains or an external water source.

Some rooms require more than one head to help maximise each areas protection.

The The Fire Suppression Company Installation Process:


We start by inspecting the property and planning out exactly where we will place the New Residential Fire Sprinkler System. Our expert installers have years of experience in where to place your sprinkler to make sure the placement is inconspicuous. Our installation priority is to ensure your safety and protection is maximised.


With a finalised plan, our fire sprinkler installers will begin the installation process. It starts by checking your water pressure. Once satisfied, we will move on to installing your Fire Sprinkler system, concealing the piping throughout the house.


Next, we install the Fire Sprinkler heads insulating, patching and connecting them as we go. Once all the sprinkler heads are in place, we pressurise and leak test the Fire Sprinkler System ensuring that it’s ready to protect.


Finally, we will arrange a Residential Fire Sprinklers Service and Maintenance schedule with you. Maintaining and Servicing your Fire Sprinklers is just as important as installing them in the first place. We will organise routine checks for efficiency and safety.

If you’re interested in our fire sprinkler installations, Get in touch for a free quotation.

If you already have a fire sprinkler installed that needs servicing, you can Fill Out our Fire Sprinkler System Service and Maintenance Booking Form.

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