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Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Fire Suppression Company are specialists in Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinklers.

We provide new Fire Sprinkler, system Installation and most importantly; Service and Maintenance.

Fire sprinklers are a mandatory requirement for properties over 11 meters.

Typically, it is properties that consist of flats and apartments that will mainly install Fire Sprinklers.

As a fire fighting solution, they are one of the most effective ways to prevent fire from spreading.

Once started, residential fires are very deadly. Sometimes, smoke alarms alone are not enough to ensure everyone’s safety.

It is highly recommended that Fire Sprinklers are installed, even if your property doesn’t require them by law.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinklers have been used in homes in Britain for over 100 years and they are a proven method of increasing fire safety. It is reported that when a building is protected with a fire sprinkler, over 99% of the blaze can be controlled.

Do you have a Fire suppression system at home that needs repairing?
We also provide a Home Fire suppression Repair service.

Residential Fire Sprinklers

Do I need a Fire Sprinkler System?

Whilst having a fire or smoke alarm is great, they sometimes aren’t enough when it comes to protecting you, your family and your belongings against the spread of fire.

Our specialised suppression systems release droplets of water that will automatically help control the fire and put it out without any human interference needed.

They are an essential part of any home as they can help stop the spread of fire in any circumstance.

If you install a fire suppression system, you will have an effective counter to any fires that might start whilst you are not there – or even while you are there.

We can help minimise the risk of financial and sentimental losses in case of an emergency.

How do Fire Suppression Sprinklers Work?

Fire Sprinkler Systems are simple yet effective in the way they work.

They are small and compact, meaning that they easily fit into the design of a room without creating an eyesore.

They activate at the first sign of a fire and release water consistently to dampen and put out the fire.

They are capable of dealing with most fires that can occur in a residential property.

A single fire sprinkler can cover a large area, meaning that it usually only takes one sprinklers radius to put out a newly started fire.

Each sprinkler has its own adjustable water drop size and rate so we can guarantee to cover a large area with water to help stop the fire.

If you’re interested in protecting your home from fires, contact The Fire Suppression Company today so we can help you with your journey to prevent fires with our Fire Sprinklers.

If you already have a suppression system installed and need them serviced, you can fill in our Service and Maintenance Booking Form.

We provide fire suppression solutions to other property types, for example: Our Hotel Fire supression System solutions.

Cost Effective
Save Lives
Reduce Damage
Minimal Maintenance
Increase Property Value
Reduce Injuries

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