Hotel Sprinkler System

If you are responsible for health and safety in a hotel, you must have a working safety system implemented in the unfortunate event that a fire breaks out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a family-run business or a multinational corporation, having a working plan in place in a fire emergency is essential.

By law, buildings over 11m high in the UK must install a Fire Sprinkler System. Selecting the right sprinkler system can be a challenge.

At The Fire Suppression Company, we offer a personalised service, designing and installing a hotel sprinkler system that supports and compliments your safety system.

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We can install your hotel sprinkler system and maintain and service it to make sure that it is still fully operational in the case of a fire. We have a track record of providing excellent service to all of our hotel clients.

Fire Sprinklers are 99% more effective when it comes to saving lives and minimising property damage.

Don’t put your hotel, staff or visitors at risk, contact The Fire Suppression Company today.

What is a Hotel Sprinkler System

The first modern fire sprinkler system was invented in 1812. This was a new, revolutionary way to deal with fire outbreaks. This first sprinkler system involved filling an airtight reservoir with tonnes of water. If a fire broke out, this reservoir would feed the water into smaller pipes pierced with holes that would provide the sprinkling effect.

The modern sprinkler has come a long way since this first successful draft. The first recognised model of an automatic sprinkler system was invented in 1872 by a man named Philip W Pratt. His design is the framework for most modern fire protection systems, including the hotel sprinkler system.

The modern sprinkler system consists of a piping system and sprinkler heads that are connected to a tank or the water mains.

The most important part of a fire sprinkler system is the sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads are designed to activate when they detect temperatures above 56 degrees celsius.

When the sprinkler head gets hot, it breaks and lets the water out. The water then flows onto the fire and puts it out.

The best part about fire sprinkler systems is that each sprinkler head operates individually. This means that although the sprinkler heads are all connected only those closest to the fire will activate.

In most cases, 3 sprinklers are enough to extinguish the fire keeping damage to a minimum.

As of 2020, it is UK law that buildings over 11m tall are required to install fire sprinkler systems to combat potential fires. Most hotels are over this height range so it is crucial that if you don’t already, you get a sprinkler system installed in your hotel.

About The Fire Suppression Company

The Fire Suppression Company is an established and well-respected provider of all things fire safety. Based in Golbourne, Greater Manchester, we offer hotel sprinkler system installation and maintenance to hotels across the North West.

Throughout our history, we have built up a reputation as a reliable, professional and friendly company. We offer a range of services that include Hotel Sprinkler Systems, Residential Fire Water Mist Systems and Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems.

We only provide our customers with the highest quality safety sprinklers to ensure that your property remains protected in case of an emergency.

Hotel Sprinkler System Installation

Installing sprinkler systems in your hotel is straightforward and won’t cause any disturbance to you, your customers or your business.

The installation of the sprinklers is very easy. Hotel fire sprinklers are part of a large network that works at one to effectively prevent the spread of a fire. The sprinkler heads will be strategically positioned throughout the hotel. This may include bedrooms, corridors or communal areas.

These heads are then connected to the hotel’s water supply by a network of pipes that distribute the water throughout the hotel.

The installation of the system is very easy. The majority of the system is made up of pipes, which will be placed behind walls and on the ceilings. We are also expertly able to install the sprinkler head to fit in with the design of the building. This means that neither you nor your guests will have to worry about any eyesores during their stay.

The Fire Suppression Company Installation Process:

Step 1: Free Consultation

During our free consultation, we’ll learn about exactly what you need and if you’re interested going ahead we’ll organise a site visit.

Step 2: Site Visit

During our site visit, our hotel sprinkler system specialists will collect all the information they require and determine the best type of sprinkler system for your premises.

Step 3: Pre-installation Planning

Following the site visit, we’ll get to work on designing your system and create an installation schedule that keeps disruption to a minimum.

Step 4: Hotel Fire Sprinkler Installation

Our certified sprinkler installation specialists will complete the installation and complete vigorous testing to ensure your system is to BS9251 standards and ready to pass third party testing.

Step 5: Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Our final step is regular fire sprinkler servicing and maintenance. While this step isn’t essential it’s recommended.

Our expert team can provide you with a service and maintenance plan that outlines all maintenance required and who will complete it. A thorough service and maintenance plan is essential in ensuring your system is maintained and working efficiently.

Hotel Sprinkler System Service and Maintenance

You must get your sprinkler system regularly serviced to make sure that it is fit for use should a fire break out in your hotel.

If they’re left alone after they’re installed, sprinkler systems may become ineffective, putting your business and customers at risk.

Government guidelines state that regular checks on fire safety equipment must be carried out to make sure that all equipment works properly, should it be called upon in an emergency.

At The Fire Suppression Company, we offer quality checks on your hotel sprinkler system to make sure that your premises are as well-equipped as possible to deal with any fires.

These checks are typically carried out every 12 months but can be done more frequently if you need reassurance that your hotel is equipped to deal with all fires.

Different types of Sprinkler Systems

There are three main types of fire sprinkler systems: wet, dry, and pre-action. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered when choosing a system for a particular building.

Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet fire sprinklers are the most common type, and work by using water to extinguish fires.

These sprinklers are usually connected to a water supply, such as a city water system, and activate when the heat from a fire sets off the sprinkler head.

Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems

Dry fire sprinklers are less common and use compressed air to extinguish fires.

These sprinklers do not require a water supply, but instead, rely on a pressurised tank of air that is released when the fire sets off the sprinkler head.

Pre-action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are those that use a valve to close off the water supply until the fire is detected. This helps to prevent accidental water discharge, as well as leakage from the system.

When the fire is detected, the valve is opened and water is released from the sprinkler heads. The water pressure in the system must be high enough to ensure that the water can reach the fire.

Pre-action systems are typically more expensive than other types of fire sprinkler systems, but they offer a higher level of protection.

Why should hotels install a sprinkler system?

Hotels should have fire sprinkler systems because they can help to save lives and property in the event of a fire.

Fires in hotels can be very dangerous and often lead to fatalities. Fire sprinklers are one of the best ways to prevent fires from spreading and can help firefighters extinguish a fire more quickly.

There are a few key reasons why hotels should install fire sprinkler systems:

Legal requirements

Fire Sprinklers are now required by law in buildings over 11m.

Reduce damage

Fire sprinkler systems can help to reduce the amount of damage that a fire can cause.

Sprinkler systems can contain a fire before it has a chance to spread, which can minimise the amount of damage to the hotel and its contents.

In some cases, a sprinkler system may even be able to prevent a fire from starting in the first place by detecting and extinguishing small fires before they have a chance to grow.

Reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities

Fire Sprinkler Systems in a hotel can help to reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities in the event of a fire.

Fire sprinklers can give people time to evacuate the building and can help to keep them safe from smoke and heat.

In some cases, sprinkler systems may even be able to extinguish a fire before it has a chance to cause any serious damage or injuries.

Insurance savings

Some insurance companies may offer discounts to hotels that have sprinkler systems installed, as they are considered to be a lower risk.

Give your guests peace of mind

Having a fire sprinkler system can help to give guests peace of mind and make them feel more comfortable staying at the hotel.

Guests who know that there is a fire sprinkler system in place will feel safer and may be more likely to choose to stay at the hotel again in the future.

Why should you get your hotel sprinkler system from The Fire Suppression Company?

Fire sprinkler systems are an important addition to any hotel, and choosing the right company to install them is critical.

At The Fire Suppression Company, we have extensive experience installing fire sprinkler systems in hotels and other businesses.

We offer a variety of system types, and can work with you to find the best system for your needs.

We also offer a complete line of support services, including system services and maintenance.

Contact us today to learn more about our fire sprinkler services.


Here is a list of frequently asked questions that we receive regarding our hotel sprinkler systems.

How much does a hotel sprinkler system cost?

The price of your sprinkler system installation and service will vary depending on which system is installed. The service and maintenance cost also varies between wet pipe and dry pipe systems, as the dry pipe system has a tighter design restriction. You can contact us here to learn more about our pricing.

How reliable are sprinkler systems?

Fire sprinklers are proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat fires in hotels. According to the BAFSA, from 2007 to 2011, wet pipe fire sprinklers operated immediately in around 91% of fires and operated effectively in 89% of these fires. It was also reported that only one sprinkler head is needed in 95% of fire outbreaks because sprinkler systems are so effective. Sprinkler systems are the most effective way to deal with fire without ruining the building.

How long do sprinkler systems last?

The average modern-day hotel sprinkler system lasts approximately 50 years. This means that once your hotel sprinkler system has been installed, you won’t require another one for a very long time so long as you get the system regularly checked..

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Hotel Sprinkler System

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