How Does Water Mist System Work?

A water mist system consists of a network of pipes that run throughout a building, with the purpose of containing and preventing the spread of a fire.

Water mist systems work by releasing tiny droplets, or ‘mist’, over the fire source to prevent the spread and reduce damage while also extinguishing.

A common misconception of how does water mist system works is the belief that they are smoke activated. This is incorrect. Just like fire sprinkler systems, water mist systems are heat sensitive and will only activate when the system detects temperatures above 57 degrees Celsius.

Extinguishing a fire with water mist

Unlike traditional sprinkler systems, the water droplets themselves aren’t always what extinguish the fire.

The fire suppression capability of water mist systems is based on evaporation.

When tiny water mist droplets turn into vapour, energy is absorbed from the source of the fire. The small droplet size creates a greater surface area to absorb the heat of the fire, reducing the threat of the fire faster.

There are three main ways in which water mist systems contain fires.

Once the droplets are released:

  • The cooling effect of water mist happens when water mist droplets absorb heat from the fire.
  • Wetting the area around the fire can contain fires by creating a barrier that prevents the fire from spreading.
  • Oxygen displacement happens at the heart of the fire when the water mist droplets turn into vapour and take oxygen from the fire, halting its growth.

The presence of flammable fuel, oxygen and heat is what causes a fire to start and grow. Put together, these elements make up the fire triangle.

Removing one or more of these elements will cause the fire to stop. Water mist systems are designed to tackle each of these elements individually.

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Water Mist Fire Suppression System

Table of contents

  1. How Mist Systems Work
  2. Extinguishing a fire
  3. Containing fires

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